Mini Hoopers

Mini Hoopers

Our ‘Mini-Hoopers’ sessions are fun, playful sessions for children 4-7 years old that are designed to help your child build motor-skills, learn the basic skills of basketball and develop their ability to inter-act and work with their peers.

Our classes are capped at a maximum of 24 players and have a coach to student ratio of 1 coach for every 8 players, allowing us to break into smaller groups (i.e. 4- & 5-year-olds together and 6- & 7-year-olds together) for portions of our sessions to ensure students have age and skill appropriate learning environments.

The program runs in line with school term and is split into ten sessions, each focusing on a different skill set. The cost is $275 for the term, however, classes are pro-rated so in the event you join later or there are less than ten sessions in the term fees are reduced accordingly.

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  • Course:
    Location: Lidcombe
    Time: Every Tuesday
    Start Date: 23/07/2024
    End Date: 24/09/2024
    Start Time: 16:00
    Available: 21 Persons

Week 1 – Introductory Session: 

    • Introduction to the key skills of basketball – ball handling, passing, shooting and teamwork through fun skill and teamwork-based games

Week 2 – Ball Handling Session: 

    • Focused on developing players control of the basketball and overall hand-eye co-ordination

Week 3 – Athletics & Motor Skills Session: 

    • Introducing a range of drills that develop players hand-eye co-ordination, footwork and overall motor skills

Week 4 – Passing Session:

    • Aimed at developing players ability to throw and catch both in general and in basketball specific settings

Week 5 – Shooting Session:

    • Introducing shooting the basketball in both static and active situations

Week 6 – Defense & Teamwork Session:

    • Basic defensive concepts and playing a range of games to work on teamwork and communication in a basketball setting

Week 7 – Advanced Ball Handling & Shooting Session:

    • Focused on further developing the ability to dribble the basketball and shoot the basketball

Week 8 – Advanced Athletics & 1v1 Session:

    • Continuing to develop hand-eye co-ordination, footwork, balance and motor skills, introducing 1v1 to our more advanced students

Week 9 – Teamwork & Communication Session:

    • Additional development of teamwork and communication, working on positive communication and sportsmanship.

Week 10 – Games & 1v1 Session:

    • A session focused on player enjoyment to end the term, fun movement and basketball related games with more advanced players doing 1v1 games.